• Igor Stefanyuk
    Igor Stefanyuk
    Masters in Strategic Marketing

    Imperial College Business School, London, UK
  • Sergii Kiiashko
    Sergii Kiiashko
    Princeton University, PHD in Economics

    TOEFL: 110 GRE: Verbal 157, Math: 170
  • Diana Goldstein
    Diana Goldstein
    LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science)

    United Kingdom London
  • Artem Shaipov
    Artem Shaipov
    Cambridge University

  • Anna Kovalenko
    Anna Kovalenko
    Fulbright scholar 2011, MA in International Economics and Finance,
    Brandeis University,International Business School

    Boston, USA.
  • Tom Pham
    Tom Pham
    Master in International Economics

    Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  • Gregory Karman
    Gregory Karman
    Chalmers University of Technology,
  • Uliana Poltavets
    Uliana Poltavets
    Leiden University,

    The Netherlands
  • Sergiy Pysarenko
    Sergiy Pysarenko
    University of New Brunswick, Masters in Economics and Quantitative Methods,
  • Galya Kaplan
    Galya Kaplan
    Master’s in Global Journalism at the Örebro University in Sweden in cooperation with the University of Oslo (Norway) and the University of Tampere (Finland)
    LL.M. Degree at Georgetown University Law Center
  • Ksenia Bondarenco
    Ksenia Bondarenco
    Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Milan, Italy

    GMAT: 760

  • Dmitriy Gordon
    Dmitriy Gordon
    University of California at Berkeley
  • Iryna Podoliak
    Iryna Podoliak
    MSc Management · Innovation and Entrepreneurship at WHU
    Otto Beisheim School of Management

    (TOEFL-117, GMAT-730)
  • Tanya Terehova
    Tanya Terehova
    University of Southern California

    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Irina Polovets
    Irina Polovets
    Studies at University of Arizona, Fulbright Scholar
  • Elena Gordiienko
    Elena Gordiienko
    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    (IELTS - 8)
  • Anna Kotik
    Anna Kotik

    University of Texas A & M PHD and Fellowship in Industrial Enginnering

    TOEFL: 102;
  • Maxim Antonov
    Maxim Antonov
    Business School, Oxford University

    MPhil in Financial Economics
    (GRE - 1430)
  • Artem Remizov
    Artem Remizov
    University of Glasgow (UK), Jagiellonian University (Poland)

    (IELTS: 7.5)
  • Iryna Bindas
    Iryna Bindas

    University of Southampton, MSc Management
  • Alla Khodzhaian
    Alla Khodzhaian
    London School of Business and Finance, International Business Law
    TOEFL: 95
  • Yulia Bodnar
    Yulia Bodnar
    Erasmus Mundus Master's in Journalism
    University of Aarhus and University of Amsterdam
    IELTS 8
  • Olga Synoverska
    Olga Synoverska
    LLM , University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pennsylvania, USA.
    TOEFL: 99
  • Vitaliy Shpak
    Vitaliy Shpak
    University of Maryland
  • Yana Usherenko-Fialkova
    Yana Usherenko-Fialkova
    LLM · Intellectual Property Law · London, United Kingdom
    IELTS 8
  • Roman Dusyk
    Roman Dusyk
    Fulbright Scholar Lehigh University
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • Anna Deleuze
    The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

  • Egor Serduk
    Egor Serduk
    GMAT 740

    Master in Finance at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain
  • Kateryna Goniuk
    IE Business School, Masters in Finance, Madrid, Spain

    GMAT-730, TOEFL 105
  • Andrew Girich
    Andrew Girich
    Master of Global Management, Antwerp Management School, Belgium
  • Myroslav Gebura
    Myroslav Gebura
    Erasmus Mundus Student in Neurology
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Diana Goldstein (TOEFL – 109)

I took Kevin’s TOEFL preparation intensive course which lasted for four weeks. Along with the skills in solving the TOEFL tasks the course is aimed at memorizing and using sophisticated vocabulary, speaking and writing patterns. My TOEFL result of 109 points which satisfies the requirements of the most highly ranked universities worldwide. This fact has played a significant role in my admission for the desired Master’s courses in the UK, and namely to the London School of Economics and the University College London.

Ksenia Bondarenco (GMAT-760)

If you think that the GMAT was designed to turn your brain into liquid, you’re probably right. But if you believe all those books that say it’s not beatable – you can’t be farther from truth.
(For some reason a lot of people are especially intimidated by the Verbal section of the GMAT; in reality it’s not harder than GMAT Math. There are patterns in everything, including GMAT Verbal. Your task is to learn to recognize them.)


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